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Raw material selection and cost control skills of water-based BOPP plastic ink

Date:2024-01-31  From:Star Color   

With the enhancement of environmental awareness, water-based ink is more and more widely used in the printing industry.As a commonly used packaging material, BOPP plastic film has a good combination with water-based ink, so water-based BOPP plastic ink has a broad market prospect in the field of packaging and printing.This paper will focus on the raw material selection strategy and cost control skills of water-based BOPP plastic ink, in order to provide useful reference for related enterprises.

Raw material selection of water-based BOPP plastic ink


Resin is the main component of water-based ink, which determines the adhesion, film formation and drying properties of ink.For BOPP plastic film printing, a resin with good compatibility and strong adhesion with BOPP plastic film should be selected. Common water-based resins are acrylic resin, polyurethane resin,etc.Acrylic resin has good weather resistance and water resistance, suitable for outdoor printing;Polyurethane resin has excellent flexibility and wear resistance, suitable for indoor printing.

Pigments and dyes

Pigments and dyes are important factors affecting the color performance of water-based inks.For BOPP plastic film printing, pigments and dyes with bright color, strong light resistance and good stability should be selected.At the same time, attention should be paid to the compatibility of pigments and dyes to resins and compatibility with other raw materials to ensure the stability of the ink and printing effect.


Adjuvant are important raw materials for adjusting various properties of water-based ink.Commonly used adjuvant are dispersant, stabilizer, leveling agent,ect.Dispersant can improve the dispersion of pigment in ink;The stabilizer can maintain the stability of the ink and prevent the separation of the pigment and the resin;The flattening agent can improve the rheological properties of the ink and improve the smoothness of the printing surface.


As a solvent, water has a great influence on the performance of water-based ink.High purity water that meets environmental protection standards and has few impurities should be selected.At the same time, attention should be paid to the PH value of the water to ensure the stability of the ink and the printing effect.
water-based BOPP plastic ink
Water-based BOPP plastic ink cost control skills

Reasonable ratio

Through a reasonable ratio, the performance of the ink can be optimized and the cost can be reduced.Enterprises can adjust the ratio of raw materials such as resins, pigments, auxiliaries and water according to actual production needs to achieve the best balance between cost and performance.In the proportioning process, experimental design and other methods can be used to find the optimal mix of raw materials.

centralized procurement

Through centralized procurement, procurement costs can be reduced.Enterprises can establish long-term cooperative relations with reliable suppliers to ensure the quality and stable supply of raw materials.At the same time, centralized procurement can also obtain batch discounts, reducing procurement costs.

Optimize production process

Optimizing the production process can improve the production efficiency, reduce the energy and material consumption, and thus reduce the production cost.Enterprises can continuously improve the production process and find the best production process and operation method.For example, the use of advanced mixing equipment can improve the mixing uniformity of raw materials and reduce waste in the production process.

Strengthen inventory management

Strengthening inventory management can avoid inventory overhang and reduce inventory cost.Enterprises can reasonably arrange the purchase time and quantity of raw materials according to the actual production demand to avoid the cost increase caused by excessive inventory.At the same time, the inventory should be checked and cleaned regularly to ensure the accuracy of the inventory and the quality of raw materials.

research and development innovation

Research and innovation is an important way to reduce costs.Enterprises can continue to invest in research and development, develop new water-based BOPP plastic ink raw materials and production technology, improve product quality and reduce costs.At the same time, through R&D and innovation, we can explore new market applications and customer needs, expand market share and improve the competitiveness of enterprises.

Through reasonable raw material selection and cost control skills, the production cost of water-based BOPP plastic ink can be reduced, and the economic efficiency and market competitiveness of enterprises can be improved.In the actual production process, enterprises should flexibly use various cost control methods according to their own conditions, and constantly optimize the production process and management system to adapt to the changing market demand and competitive environment.At the same time, enterprises should pay attention to R & D innovation and market expansion, constantly improve product quality and technical level, and lay a solid foundation for future sustainable development.
water-based BOPP plastic ink