Customized production

A variety of weather-proof, temperature resistance, and that can be used in different environments water-based ink can be customized according to customers' needs.

Advanced technology

Conduct research with renowned international and domestic universities, applying the most advanced technology to water-based inks industry.

Quality assurance

StarColor has a complete production line and a scientific management system, fully guarantee the delivery time.

Professional services

StarColor Service Team provides 7 days*24 hours after-sales service for a quick respond to customers' questions


About us

Huizhou StarColor water-based ink

Huizhou StarColor Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2016 as a new rising star in the water-based ink manufacturing industry. It locates in Huicheng District, Huizhou. There are 38 employees in present. As the industry's newest water-based ink manufacturer, it offers stable, high-quality water-based inks and water-based varnishes for flexographic printing. It Focus on providing customers with one-stop printing solutions. In particular, It specializes in the development of printing and packaging technology services and standard-establishment for sanitary materials.

Our factory is located in Huicheng District, Huizhou, only 5 kilometers away from the entrance of Huida Expressway. Transportation is very convenient. As an emerging water-based ink manufacturer in the industry, we provide stable and high-quality water-based ink, temperature changing ink, environmentally friendly ink for flexographic and gravure printing, as well as water-based gloss suitable for flexographic printing. Focusing on providing customers with one-stop printing solutions. Especially specialized in printing and packaging technology services and standard establishment in the field of sanitary materials.



Development and application of water-based BOPP plastic ink

With the increasingly serious global environmental problems, the circular economy has become an important trend in today's social development.As a traditional high-pollution industry, the printing industry is facing great environmental protection pre

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How to improve the adhesion of non-woven water-based ink by

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Study on water resistance, friction resistance and weather r

Non-woven water-based ink is an environmentally friendly, efficient and low-cost printing material, which is widely used in the printing of non-woven materials.Water resistance, friction resistance and weather resistance are important indexes to evaluate

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Raw material selection and cost control skills of water-base

With the enhancement of environmental awareness, water-based ink is more and more widely used in the printing industry.As a commonly used packaging material, BOPP plastic film has a good combination with water-based ink, so water-based BOPP plastic ink ha

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How to solve the cracking problem of UV water-based ink in t

The cracking problem of UV water-based ink in the printing process is a more common problem, which will not only affect the appearance of the print, but also affect its quality and performance.This paper will introduce the causes and solutions of UV water

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Market competition pattern and development strategy analysis

With the enhancement of environmental awareness and the continuous progress of green printing technology, water-based BOPP plastic ink is gradually favored by the market as an important representative of green and environmentally friendly printing materia

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Color stability and reproducibility of Paper Water-Based Ink

With the continuous development of printing technology, people have higher and higher requirements for the quality of printed matter.Among them, the stability and reproducibility of color is one of the important indicators to measure the quality of printe

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Market demand and customer group analysis of non-woven water

With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, non-woven fabrics have been widely used worldwide as an environmentally friendly material.As a new type of printing material, non-woven water-based ink has gradually become the new darling of the

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To discuss the innovative application and development trend

With the development of science and technology and people's pursuit of quality of life, baby diapers have become a part of the family's daily necessities.As a key link in the manufacture of diapers, the printing process is crucial to the appeara

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