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How to detect the adhesion of water-based ink

Date:2023-09-21  From:Star Color   

Detecting the adhesion of water-based ink involves assessing how well the ink adheres to a substrate or surface. Proper adhesion is important to ensure that the ink doesn't easily rub off or peel away. Here's a general guide on how to detect the adhesion of water-based ink:

1.Select Test Substrates:
Choose the substrates that are commonly used in your application. These could be different types of paper, cardboard, fabric, plastic, or any other material that you intend to print on.

2.Prepare Test Samples:
Print a sample with the water-based ink on each of the selected substrates. It's good to have a variety of ink coverage levels (from light to heavy) and designs (solid areas, fine lines, etc.) on each sample.

3.Drying Time:
Allow the printed samples to dry completely. The ink should dry and bond to the substrate. Follow the ink manufacturer's recommended drying time.

4.Tape Test:
Perform a simple adhesion test using adhesive tape, like the crosshatch or grid test:
For the crosshatch test: Use a utility knife to create a grid pattern of small squares on the printed area. Press a piece of adhesive tape firmly onto the grid, then quickly pull it off at a 45-degree angle. If ink squares come off, adhesion is poor.

For the grid test: Apply several strips of adhesive tape in a grid pattern on the printed area, then quickly peel them off. If ink is removed, adhesion is insufficient.

5.Rub Test:
Rub the printed area with a clean cloth or finger using moderate pressure. If the ink smudges, flakes, or transfers easily, adhesion might be weak.

6.Water Resistance Test:
Dampen a cotton swab or cloth with water and gently rub the printed area. If the ink starts to come off or smear, adhesion is lacking.

7.Scratch Test:
Use a fingernail or a similar object to scratch the printed area gently. If the ink scratches off easily, the adhesion is not sufficient.

8.Chemical Resistance Test (Optional):
If the printed material will be exposed to certain chemicals, perform tests with those chemicals to see how the ink reacts. Apply a small amount of the chemical to a cotton swab or cloth and gently rub the printed area. If the ink reacts or dissolves, adhesion is inadequate.

Carefully examine the printed samples for any signs of ink peeling, cracking, flaking, or transferring onto other surfaces.

10.Comparative Analysis:
Compare the results of the different tests across various substrates and ink coverage levels. This will help you identify which combinations have good adhesion and which ones need improvement.

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