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Whether the water-based screen printing ink of PET material needs adhesion promoter

Date:2023-09-15  From:Star Color   

The need for an adhesion promoter in water-based screen printing ink for PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) material depends on various factors, including the specific ink formulation, the type of PET material, and the desired adhesion performance.

PET is a relatively low-energy surface material, which means it can be challenging for inks and coatings to adhere to it effectively. Adhesion promoters are often used to enhance the bonding between the ink and the substrate by altering the surface properties of the substrate to make it more receptive to the ink.

Water-based inks are generally considered more environmentally friendly and are used for various applications, including screen printing. However, their adhesion to certain substrates, like PET, can be problematic due to the non-polar nature of the material.

Adhesion promoters can help improve the ink's bonding to PET surfaces by:

1.Increasing Surface Energy: Adhesion promoters increase the surface energy of the substrate, making it easier for the ink to wet and adhere to the surface.

2.Providing Chemical Bonding: Some adhesion promoters contain functional groups that chemically react with both the substrate and the ink, creating stronger bonds.

3.Creating a Physical Bond: Adhesion promoters can create a mechanical interlock between the ink and the substrate, enhancing adhesion.

4.Preventing Moisture Barrier: PET has a natural moisture barrier that can inhibit ink adhesion. Adhesion promoters can help overcome this barrier.

5.Improving Ink Wetting: Adhesion promoters can improve the way the ink spreads and wets the substrate, leading to better adhesion.

It's important to note that not all water-based inks and PET materials require adhesion promoters. Some ink formulations might already include components that promote adhesion to PET surfaces. It's recommended to consult with ink manufacturers and conduct adhesion tests on representative samples to determine whether an adhesion promoter is necessary.

If you're considering using an adhesion promoter, be sure to:

1.Consult Ink Manufacturers: Ink manufacturers can provide guidance on whether their specific ink formulation requires an adhesion promoter for PET substrates.

2.Conduct Adhesion Tests: Perform adhesion tests with different ink formulations, substrate surface treatments, and adhesion promoters to determine the best combination for your specific application.

3.Consider Environmental and Health Impact: Be mindful of the environmental and health implications of the adhesion promoter you choose. Ensure it meets regulatory standards and safety requirements.

4.Application Method: Consider the compatibility of the adhesion promoter with your chosen screen printing process and equipment.

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