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Market demand and customer group analysis of non-woven water-based ink

Date:2024-01-25  From:Star Color   

With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, non-woven fabrics have been widely used worldwide as an environmentally friendly material.As a new type of printing material, non-woven water-based ink has gradually become the new darling of the printing industry with its environmental protection, safety and low toxicity characteristics.This paper will make an in-depth analysis of the market demand and customer groups of non-woven water-based ink, in order to provide useful reference for related enterprises and researchers.

Characteristics and advantages of non-woven water-based ink

Non-woven water-based ink uses water as a solvent to replace harmful organic solvents in traditional inks, so it has the following characteristics and advantages:

Environmental protection: non-woven water-based ink is non-toxic and tasteless, does not contain harmful organic solvents, greatly reducing the pollution to the environment.

Safety: non-woven water-based ink is non-flammable and explosive, reducing the safety risks in the printing process.

Wide applicability: non-woven water-based inks are suitable for printing various non-woven materials, such as cotton, hemp, polyester, SMS ,etc.
non-woven water-based ink
Good printing effect: non-woven water-based ink is bright and full, with good coloring ability and covering power, and can meet the high quality printing requirements.

Adhesion and durability: non-woven water-based ink has good adhesion and durability, printed matter is not easy to decolorize, crack, long service life.

Non-woven water-based ink market demand

Market demand overview: With the improvement of environmental awareness and the rapid development of the non-woven industry, the market demand for non-woven water-based inks has shown a growing trend.Worldwide, especially in developed countries such as Europe and the United States, the demand for non-woven water-based inks continues to rise.

Market demand drivers:

Strengthening of environmental regulations: In response to global environmental problems, governments have strengthened environmental regulations to encourage the use of environmentally friendly materials and green printing products.
The growth of non-woven industry: as an environmentally friendly material, non-woven fabrics are more and more widely used in medical, packaging, home and other fields, which has promoted the growth of demand for water-based inks for non-woven fabrics.

Increased consumer demand for environmentally friendly products: As consumers become more concerned about environmental protection and health, their demand for environmentally friendly prints is also increasing.

Market demand trend: In the next few years, with the advancement of technology and the popularity of environmental awareness, the market demand for non-woven water-based inks will continue to grow.At the same time, the market demand will be more diversified, and the demand for personalized, high-quality, multifunctional prints will increase.

Customer group analysis of non-woven water-based ink

Customer group Overview: The customer group of non-woven water-based ink mainly includes printing enterprises, non-woven fabric manufacturers, brand owners,etc.

Customer demand characteristics: When customers choose non-woven water-based ink, they mainly focus on the following aspects:

Good printing results: Customers expect non-woven water-based inks to provide high-quality printing results, including bright colors and strong adhesion.

Stable printing performance: Customers expect non-woven water-based ink to have good stability and be able to adapt to different printing conditions and environments.

Quality service support: Customers pay attention to the service and technical support provided by suppliers, and hope to establish long-term cooperation with reliable suppliers.

Customer procurement decision factors: When choosing non-woven water-based inks, customers will consider the following factors:

Quality assurance: Customers want to choose non-woven water-based inks with reliable quality to ensure the quality and stability of printed matter.

Price competitiveness: Under the premise of meeting quality requirements, customers will choose products with more competitive prices.

Brand influence: Some customers pay attention to the brand influence of suppliers, and think that well-known brand products are more secure.

Target customer group positioning: According to market demand and customer characteristics, the target customer group of non-woven water-based ink can be subdivided into the following categories:

Small and medium-sized printing enterprises: These enterprises are more sensitive to cost, pay attention to cost performance, but have certain requirements for printing quality.

Non-woven manufacturers: In order to meet the growing market demand for non-woven products, non-woven manufacturers need high-quality, stable water-based inks for printing production.

Brands with special printing needs: Such customers have high requirements for the quality and added value of printed matter, and are willing to pay a certain premium for high-quality water-based inks.

Customer relationship management: For target customer groups, enterprises should strengthen customer relationship management, establish stable cooperative relationships, provide personalized product solutions and quality service support, in order to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.
non-woven water-based ink