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Characteristics of UV water-based ink

Date:2023-06-20  From:Star Color   

UV water-based inks are a type of ink that combines the advantages of both UV-curable and water-based inks. They are designed for various printing applications and offer several characteristics that make them unique. Here are some key characteristics of UV water-based inks:

1.Environmentally friendly: UV water-based inks are considered eco-friendly because they are water-based, meaning they have a lower VOC (volatile organic compound) content compared to solvent-based inks. They contain fewer harmful chemicals and are less toxic.

2.Fast curing: UV water-based inks cure quickly when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light. This rapid curing process is advantageous in high-speed printing operations, as it allows for faster production speeds and reduced drying time compared to traditional water-based inks.

3.Low odor: UV water-based inks have a minimal odor due to their lower VOC content. This makes them suitable for printing applications in sensitive environments such as hospitals, schools, and food packaging where strong odors can be a concern.

4.Good adhesion: These inks provide excellent adhesion to various substrates, including paper, cardboard, plastics, and metals. The UV curing process enables the ink to form a strong bond with the surface, resulting in enhanced durability and resistance to rubbing, scratching, and fading.

5.Vibrant colors: UV water-based inks offer a wide color gamut and can produce vibrant, high-quality prints. They are available in a range of hues and can achieve excellent color saturation and opacity, making them suitable for applications that require rich and eye-catching visuals.

6.Water resistance: Once cured, UV water-based inks exhibit good water resistance, making them suitable for applications that may come into contact with moisture or require some level of water resistance, such as outdoor signage or labels.
7.Flexibility: UV water-based inks can be formulated to provide flexibility, making them suitable for applications that involve bending or stretching of the printed material. This flexibility helps to prevent cracking or flaking of the ink film when the substrate is subjected to stress.

It's worth noting that the specific characteristics of UV water-based inks can vary depending on the formulation and manufacturer. Therefore, it is always advisable to consult the ink manufacturer's technical specifications and recommendations for optimal usage and performance.