Reasons for Color Difference in UV Flexographic Ink Printing of Non woven Fabrics

The reasons for color deviation of UV flexo ink in printing non-woven fabrics can be summarized into multiple aspects. The following is a detailed analysis of these reasons:

Analysis of drying defects of UV flexo ink in non-woven printing

The issue of poor drying of UV flexographic ink in non-woven printing is a complex problem involving multiple factors. The following is an analysis of this phenomenon, including possible causes and corresponding solutions:

1、 Cause analysis

Deep Analysis of UV Flexographic Ink Printing Process

UV flexographic ink printing technology, as an important component of modern printing technology, has been widely used in various fields such as packaging, labeling, advertising, etc. due to its high efficiency, environmental friendliness, and high quality. This article will provide a deep analysis of the UV flexographic ink printing process, comprehensively exploring the process flow, technical characteristics, advantages, and applications.

Analysis of the photochemical reaction mechanism of UV flexo ink

UV flexo ink, also known as UV curable flexographic ink, is an important technological innovation in the printing industry in recent years. It uses specific wavelengths of ultraviolet radiation to rapidly transform liquid ink into a solid state through instantaneous photochemical reactions, thus completing the printing process. This article aims to deeply analyze the photochemical reaction mechanism of UV flexographic ink, explore its key components, reaction process, and application advantages in printing.

Whether Corona Treatment is Necessary for UV Ink Printing on PE Film?

When examining the question of whether corona treatment is necessary for UV ink printing on PE (polyethylene) film, it is crucial to comprehend the unique characteristics of UV ink, PE film, and corona treatment, as well as their interrelationships.

What are the characteristics of UV ink for flexo printing?

 UV ink for flexo printing possesses a range of notable characteristics that have contributed to its widespread adoption in the flexographic printing industry. The following are the key features of UV flexo ink:

What is UV Flexo Ink?

With the rise of environmental awareness and advancements in technology, UV flexo ink, as an emerging green printing material, is gradually becoming the new favorite in the printing industry. 

What is UV-LED ink?

Environmental protection is an inevitable topic in the printing industry. With advancements in ink technology, UV-LED inks, as a new eco-friendly printing material, are gradually taking a prominent position in the printing sector. UV-LED inks, with their unique environmental friendliness, high efficiency, 

The Past and Present of UV Ink

After two and a half years of relentless efforts by the R&D team at StarColor, this solvent-free UV ink finally emerged. Embodying all the merits of UV ink, including fast curing, high adhesion, vibrant colors, and the absence of organic compound emissions, it mirrors the environmental friendliness of water-based ink.

Is uv ink water-based?

In the printing industry, UV curable inks have occupied a prominent position due to their unique curing mechanism and superior properties such as instant curing, zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emission, vivid colors, and exceptional abrasion and water resistance. However, with the heightened environmental awareness and tightening of regulations,

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