Can water-based ink print plastic woven bags?

Water based ink, as an environmentally friendly printing material, is gradually being widely used in various fields, including the printing of plastic woven bags. Plastic woven bags, as a common packaging material, are widely used in various industries such as agriculture, chemical industry, and building materials. The printing quality of these bags directly affects the appearance and brand image of the products. Therefore, exploring the application of water-based ink in plastic woven bag printing is not only in line with environmental trends, but also an effective way to enhance product competitiveness.

What equipment is needed for water-based ink wastewater treatment?

During the operation of water-based ink printing plants, wastewater containing water-based ink is generated, which needs to be treated appropriately to meet discharge standards. The following are sewage treatment equipment that water-based ink printing factories may need to equip:

Do water-based ink printing factories need to do wastewater treatment?

Printing plants using water-based ink do indeed require wastewater treatment. This is because water-based ink wastewater has some special properties, such as high COD (chemical oxygen demand), high chromaticity, and difficult biodegradation. If directly discharged into the environment, it will cause serious pollution to water bodies, threatening human production and life as well as the ecological balance of nature.

What is the dilution method for water-based ink

There are various dilution methods for water-based ink, and the specific method used depends on the required dilution effect, printing requirements, and the characteristics of the ink itself. Here are some common dilution methods:

The influence of PH value on water-based ink

The control of pH value is crucial during water-based ink printing. The pH value not only directly affects the printing performance and print quality of ink, but is also closely related to multiple technical indicators such as ink viscosity and drying speed. The following is a detailed explanation of pH control during water-based ink printing:

Addressing the issue of color fading in water-based ink printed non-woven fabrics

Water based ink is widely used in the printing field due to its environmental and safety characteristics, and non-woven fabrics have become an ideal choice for many products due to their softness, breathability, and environmental friendliness. However, as a non absorbent material, non-woven fabric may also experience color fading when printed with water-based ink. Let's take a look at the reasons for this.

Can water-based ink print non-woven fabrics

Water based ink, as an environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and easily degradable printing material, is gradually occupying an important position in the printing industry. Non woven fabric, with its unique physical properties and wide range of applications, has also become an important material in modern packaging, home furnishings, medical and other industries. So, can water-based ink be used for printing non-woven fabrics? The answer is affirmative.

Comparison between water-based ink and oil-based ink

There are significant differences in the performance between oil-based ink and water-based ink. Here is a comparison of their main properties:

Trends in the Development of Food-Grade Ink Technology

As a crucial component of food packaging materials, food-grade inks must not only meet aesthetic printing requirements but also ensure food safety and environmental performance.

Causes and Preventive Measures of Ink Cracking in Water-based Ink Printing

In the field of water-based ink printing, ink cracking is a frequently encountered issue that significantly impacts the overall quality and aesthetic appeal of printed products. Cracking not only compromises the smoothness and glossiness of prints but also potentially reduces their abrasion resistance and water resistance, affecting product longevity and market competitiveness. 

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